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Three screens from Unboring KW: the home screen, the events screen, and a map of public artScreenshot of the events pageScreenshot of the map of playgrounds

Unboring KW

Unboring KW is a personal project for fun and community!

During my maternity leave in 2022, I discovered how easy it is to become isolated as a parent, despite living in a growing city with lots of events and things to do. I found it difficult to keep track of all the programs and events put on by the City, local libraries, businesses, and community centres. So as I was getting ready to go back to work, I created Unboring KW as a way to rediscover my passion for web development and also to solve the problem that I and many other parents have of staying engaged in the community with our kids in tow!

Unboring KW is a mobile-friendly website that includes:

  • family-friendly event listings
  • directory of activities to do in the region
  • interactive maps of local playgrounds, splashpads, and public art
  • directory of summer camps
  • a blog

As time goes on I plan to add more features to the website, such as:

  • a business directory of local businesses targeting families and kids
  • user accounts so people can bookmark resources and create their own collections
  • email newsletters and notifications so people can get reminded about upcoming events

The technical stuff

Currently the key components of Unboring KW are as follows:

  • progressive web app (PWA) built with Next.js
  • Directus back end for content management
  • Supabase database
  • Custom scrapers on Apify to scrape events from various sources
  • Edge functions on Supabase to transform scraped events and insert them to the database